Does LD_PRELOAD influence the work of VTune(amplxe-gui)

Does LD_PRELOAD influence the work of VTune(amplxe-gui)

I used amplxe-gui to test a program that need set LD_PRELOAD, but VTune didn't give me the reasonable results. It showed the elapsed time which faster than the true elapsed time. And for another similar program, VTune could not stop running, and I could not close VTune normally.

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What LD_PRELOAD stands for?

Maybe measured program ran less than few milliseconds.

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You may need to set up your test run with the LD_PRELOAD included in a script which you start from VTune, although it should work with that added to the VTune environment settings or set in the shell where you launch VTune. As with other cases of shared object usage, VTune will require at a minimum that you add your shared object to binary (and source, if appropriate) search paths, if you want the .so taken into account.  You should be able to repeat analysis after modifying search paths without repeating the application execution.  In my experience, omitting shared objects from search path can invalidate analysis results other than those of the components which are visible on search paths.

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