Remote probing on Windows/Linux

Remote probing on Windows/Linux



I wish to probe both Windows and Linux targets remotely using Windows based machine to run the GUI.

1. How is the remote connection done to windows targets? Is that ssh based like the Linux?    

2. Do I need to buy both Windows and Linux license? 




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I think there is no license required for the product on Linux*, if you only install the data collector,command line and other components except GUI component.

About using remote data collection, you can refer to VTune's online helper or see this article for steps. 


thanks for the fast replay..

Regrinding my first question, I was asking if there's a remote windows->windows probing mode. Windows->Linux is working grate, i'm already using it in the past week using the evaluation license.   






There is no Windows platform for the target. 

The working mode could be one of below:

Linux (target) to Linux (host)

Linux (target) to Windows (host)

And, so, the solution for the remote Windows* system is to install the command line interface (CLI - see Release Notes for instructions), collect the data via the command line and copy it over to the Windows host for analysis.

Note, also, that with the VTune™ Amplifier XE 2015 beta, OS X* is a valid host.  Target is always Linux*, except with the Intel® System Studio, which also supports an Android* target.

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