Tartget Android ADB not appearing in Intel VTune amplifier XE 2017

Tartget Android ADB not appearing in Intel VTune amplifier XE 2017

I'm trying to evaluate Intel VTune amplifier XE to profile and found problems in our Android apps, I've been following the tutorials but while I try to configure the project target for Android ADB is not there.

Screenshot of non target appearing


What I'm missing/doing wrong ?


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Hello Miguel,

Are you using Intel VTune Amplifier for systems? Remote analysis on Android* systems is supported by the Intel® VTune™ Amplifier for Systems. Thanks.

Best regards,


Hello Zhuowei,

Can you please point me to the correct link to download this version you're talking about ? I've been looking for it on Intel webpage without lucky for a huge amount of time, maybe I'm a bit unclear today.

What I've been installed/trying to evaluate is vtune_amplifier_xe_2017_update3.tar.gz which I thinks is just VTuner Amplifier XE 2017 and not the "for systems" version you're saying.


Thanks a lot, best regards.

Hi Miguel,




You can get VTune Amplifier for Systems as part of the Intel System Studio suite: https://software.intel.com/en-us/intel-vtune-amplifier-xe/try-buy

(see the third column).




Hi Miguel,

I have better recommendation for you: You may wish to try out VTune Amplifier 2018 Beta which has Android profiling support.

You can get it by signing up for the beta program here: https://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/intel-parallel-studio-xe-2018-beta

(VTune Amplifier is available in the Parallel Studio 2018 Suite)

Scroll down to the section "How to Enroll in the Beta Program" for the registration link.

Best regards,



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