SGX call stack collection / analysis

SGX call stack collection / analysis


I'm perf analyzing SGX, I used hotspots to improve performance of functions in my code and got to a point where high hitters are "system" calls (i.e. _intel_avx_rep_memcpy, malloc, memchr, _intel_avx_rep_memset, free, etc.).

I believe that using stack informaiton VTune will build a meaningful Top-down tree which will allow me to capture whether there are blocks in my code that are calling "system" calls intensively.

Is there a way to enable call stack collection for SGX analysis? or other methods that will allow me to have a meaningful top-down tree?

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You can try the following:

1. Copy the 'SGX Hotspots' analysis type

2. In the appeared custom analysis check 'Collect Stacks' option

3. Run your analysis

4. In the opened result change viewpoint (using control at the top) from 'Hardware Events' to 'Hotspots'

Note that this method wasn't tested so no guarantee it will work correctly.

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