Vtune on Archlinux?

Vtune on Archlinux?


Now that VTune XE update 7 was released with Linux 3.x support I hoped to finnaly get VTune running on my Archlinux boxes, but sadly it does not work. I see that Archlinux is not supported, but cannot see the big difference compard to all the other supported distributions.

When I run the installer it warns me about my distribution not being supported but then comes the strange part: Even though I have gtk 2.24.8-2 and glibc 2.14.1-4 installed, VTune's installer says it cannot find either of those and eventually fails the installation:

Installing Amplifier XE Command line interface component... failed
Installing Amplifier XE Sampling driver kit component... failed
Installing Amplifier XE Graphical user interface component... failed

The installation target directory is created but empty... Any help on how to get it running would be greatly appreciated.


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You could try manually installing the rpm files in the CLI_install/rpm and rpm/ directories.
This should be enough to run a user-mode collection (hotspots, concurrency, or locksandwaits). To enable hardware-based sampling, look in the README.txt file in the sepdk/src directory for directions on compiling and installing the driver. To view results, you might also need to copy a license file to /opt/intel/licenses, or set the environment variable INTEL_LICENSE_FILE to the directory containing the license.


Many thanks for this useful feedback! I've now used rpmextract to get the contents of the rpm files and can - after manually installing libjpeg6 and libpng12 - run amplxe-gui.

I can load a project, but when I try to run an analysis (attach to program) I see the following error:

Cannot load resources from file '/path/to/my/vtune/resource/client.dat#zip:images.xrc'

indeed, this file (client.dat I presume) does not exist in that folder. I've now symlinked perfclient.dat to client.dat and that makes this issue go away. But after a "hotspots" analysis (yes - it worked!) I see the error again, differently:

XRC resource 'tab_*' (class 'wxImage') not found!

the resources not found are: tab_grid, tab_summary and tab_timeline. So probably I need that client.dat, which rpm should contain it, or where do I get it from?

But this is amazing, finally I have a somewhat running vtune on my archlinux box! Many thanks again, Mark!

This file (client.dat) is located in a CLI_install rpm, in intel-vtune-amplifier-xe-cli-206420-11.0-7.i486.rpm (which mostly contains the 32-bit CLI binaries and libraries). (Both 32 bit and 64 bit versions can be installed at the same time - the binaries and libs go to separate directories).

Indeed that makes VTune work like a charm now. I thought that the non-64bit rpms should not be installed on a 64bit machine, thanks for the clarification.

I really appreciate your help here, thanks once again!

PS: I've documented the steps required to get VTune running on archlinux here: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/VTune#VTune_Amplifier_XE_2011

I am trying to install VTune 2013 Update 16 on Archlinux 3.14.2-1. However, after following the instructions here and on the archwiki (as posted in the last message), I was only able to install the RPMs. When I try to compile the drivers, I get following error.

I am using GNU compilers. Do I need to install intel compilers to compile the drivers? Any suggestions are welcome.

Warm regards,

Devendra Ghate

Makefile:615: Cannot use CONFIG_CC_STACKPROTECTOR_STRONG: -fstack-protector-strong not supported by compiler

gcc: error: unrecognized command line option ‘-fstack-protector-strong’

scripts/Makefile.build:308: recipe for target '/opt/intel/vtune_amplifier_xe_2013/sepdk/src/lwpmudrv.o' failed

@Devendra G 

The problem may be due to system environment, or you are using high Linux kernel 3.14.2-1 (gcc 4.9 supports 3.14 kernel?)



I don't know if latest u16 (driver test) can support kernel 3.14 well, you may try low Linux kernel platform, e.g 3.10 - if above does't work.


Thank you for your advice Peter. I moved back to linux 3.10.39 kernel and I was able to compile it. I need to disable the `nmi_watchdog` and it should work. Will report back if there are any further issues. By changing the kernel, I was able to compile the drivers effortlessly.


Devendra G.

I am glad that the tool works on your side!

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