Using Vtune Amplifier GUI with X Forwarding

Using Vtune Amplifier GUI with X Forwarding


I'm trying to use Vtune Amplifier GUI on a remote system with SSH X Forwarding. The GUI works fine except that it fails to find a valid license. 

The remote system should have a valid license as I was able to invoke Vtune Amplifier CUI on the machine. Any tips would be appreciated. 

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Hi Shuwa,

I often works with VTune Amplifier via SSH X Forwarding and never seen the problem before. Could you check that *.lic is located in one of default paths:

If you have license located in other directory you need to specify INTEL_LICENSE_FILE environment variable.

So the command line for start GUI will be looked as:

ssh -X user@host
INTEL_LICENSE_FILE=/path/to/license/dir  amplxe-gui &

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