Inline frames on Windows (MSVC/PDB)

Inline frames on Windows (MSVC/PDB)

Hey all,

should VTune show inline frames on Windows, when profiling an application build with Visual Studio 2017 and the <code>/Zo</code> switch? See also my question on StackOveflow:

I initially assumed that the compiler is not adding the required information to the PDB files. Now it seems as if that is the case after all, but VTune is simply not showing the inlined frames? On Linux this works as expected. I have not tried MinGW or the Intel Compiler on Windows.

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 Inline frames are not supported for binaries built with Visual Studio 2017 and the Zo switch. Linux binaries have another debug. info format (DWARF) and VTune can read it.

Will this ever get supported on Windows?

It is in the list of possible improvements but there are no exact plans yet.

Has there been any update on supporting inline frames from PDB files?This would be a useful feature for Windows devs.

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