Crash with internal Linux distro based on Debian testing

Crash with internal Linux distro based on Debian testing


In our internal linux distribution based on "Debian testing" I get a complete system crash when starting a profiling session (even if the command being profiled is as simple as a "/bin/ls"). As a starting point, hoping that this issue is not exclusive to our internal distro, can anyone please confirm whether VTune works in "debian testing"?

This is with VTune Amplifier 2018 Update 1 (build 535340):

1- Run VTune and press "New Project" toolbar button.
2- Set "target type" to "launch application", and "Application" to "/bin/ls".
3- Press "Choose Analysis" button on the right
4- Choose "Advanced Hotspots" analysis (I haven't tried other modes yet)
5- Press "Start" button on the right.

Result: the system crashes completely.


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I see you also submitted support ticket # 03215596 related to this. I will follow up with you there to collect some more information about your specific situation.


VTune Amplifier has no official support of Debian Testing. Only stable versions 8 and 9 for VTune Amplifier 2018 Update 1.

Is there a log message associated with this system crash?  

We have seen a "double fault" crash recently on CentOS 7.4 (3.10.0-693.11.6) and are working on generating a reproducer.  I am wondering if it may be an inconsistency between VTune 18.0.2 and the new "Meltdown" kernel patches....

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