Application performance snapshot can't find

Application performance snapshot can't find

I'm trying to run Application performance snapshot 2018 update 2, and I get this error :


[sajid@xrmlite APS_2018_update2_lin_551022]$ mpirun -np 2 ./aps python /home/sajid/packages/zone_plate_testing/zp_rotation/
Emon collector successfully stopped.
aps Error: python: symbol lookup error: /home/sajid/Downloads/APS_2018_update2_lin_551022/internal/lib64/ undefined symbol: PMPI_Initialized
aps Error: Cannot run the collection.
aps Error: Failed to detect the collection configuration.

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Hi Sajid Ali,
could you please answer on few questions?
first of all, what kind of MPI implementation do you use?
Did I understand right that you invoke MPI_Initialized from you python script somehow?
And could you please send us output of "nm /"


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