Tracking of Laptops with Intel API(WIFI / IP / GPS)

Tracking of Laptops with Intel API(WIFI / IP / GPS)

I would like to know how we can track laptops using intel API? can i use this API in my C# language? if so please give me a direct link for this API. is it free of cost or do we need to pay for this?

i would like to start a web application to track laptops using Intel API. please let me know the required stuff to do this. greatly appriciated if any one has sent me a good manula on the same. thanks in advance

Balu D.

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Hi Balu - off the top my head I'm not sure how you would use these from C# as our apis are implemented using javascript and browser plugins and are meant to run in the context of the web browser.The apis are currently available to developers at no charge - be sure to view the license text for each api.The docs / manuals for each api are available at click on the "go to full site" link for the api of interest and you'll find the docs for that api.Hope this helps a little.Andy

Hai Andy Idsinga

Our product is written on Dvd Rom works fine for almost all computers. It is made as swfs, with a central loader, which drives the required swf on stage. The central loader connects all swf, as per users instruction. It is embedded with flash player. i.e windows.exe during publishing. I just want to covert it, to installer based software application, Which should not get copied, Can be uninstalled on users instruction. Hope u have solution for this, Thanx a lot in advance.


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