well well - intel has web apis eh?

well well - intel has web apis eh?

Hello - My name is Andy and I'm one of the developers working on intel web apis.

I'm very excited that our first wave of web api code is now live here on ISN!

Getting our stuff live was our first major milestone.

We built a simple set of informational apis to start (CPU, Power, Connection) and as we did that we built an api development framework that would allow us build web apis more rapidly in the future.

Future web api implementation, operating system porting, and bug fixes will depend heavily on our interaction with our customers.

We intend to build apis in the future that a provide the app developer access to more compute intensive building blocks - but with familiar and simple access from JavaScript.

Who are our customers?

If you're a web app developer - it's you.

If you're an engineering manager who manages a group of web app developers - it's you too.

If you're an entrepreneur, building web apps in your garage - it's especially you :)

Cheers to web app developers and web apis!

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