Windows 10 Build - Where is the .appxupload?

Windows 10 Build - Where is the .appxupload?

Hello again,

i have create a Windows 10 UAP Build and try to install my App with the Add-AppDevPackage, there is running perfectly on my PC.
Now i want to upload my App to the Windows Store but in my Intel XDK Build zip there is now appxupload!?

In my Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.1 Builds there are this files and i can upload it to the Store without Problems.

I have try to Upload the Arm, x86 or x64 .appx File from my but i get a Error from Windows Store that are missing dependencies on my appx and that i must upload the appxupload file but i dont have it :/

Can i create it Manual or is there any solution for it?

I have add the Security Plugin to get a x86, x64 and Arm Version for the BarcodePlugin.

Thanks a lot! 

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Patrick, that Windows 10 UAP build appears to be only generating test/debug images, it is not producing the necessary files to allow you to submit to the store. I have alerted the appropriate engineer.

I have the same problem, just the ARM, x86 and x64 in the ZIP en no appxupload. Any workarounds?

I believe the build system was updated to address this issue. Have you tried it again today? There was an update to the build system today.

I got the same problem here. When I built Windows 10 UAP, there is no .APPXUPLOAD. 

Are you building with CLI 5.4.1? You need to use that version of CLI.

This issue has been fixed.

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