internal error, since a few days.

internal error, since a few days.

Since a few days I'm getting this error when building: Internal Error, Error while getting build status. I need to restart XDK(ea) to use the building process again. I cannot see the building process of the app. after a few minutes I get the email that the build is succeeded, so the build process still goes on.





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I'll forward your issue to engineering who may have some insight.

I'm getting Error while getting build status again and again for last two days. So cannot perform iOS build.

What platform are you building for?
Can you attach a screenshot?

I'm on MAC OSX, trying to build iOS.

iOS. Build circle rotates for 5-30 minutes, then it screen. Previous month was ok. No new plugins were added last time. 

iOS build fail

The iOS build servers were throwing a temper tantrum this morning. They are back under control and running fine. Please try your builds again.

Now it works. Thank you.

I'm getting Error while getting build status, use Intel XDK for windows 7. plz help. thx.


Downloadimage/jpeg pesan error intel xdk.jpg36.08 KB

Amim -- are you still seeing that error? There were some updates happening to the build system yesterday that may have caused that error message to appear.

the same happened to me, after restarting the XDK returned to work

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