Error adding ngCordova with bower

Error adding ngCordova with bower

Hi all,


I'm getting problems adding ngCordova using bower in XDK EA, error log:

bower-commands:[2016-03-11T16:57:22.937Z]: (1457715442937): Error getting detailed information for package ngCordova { [Error: The target for downloading or getting more information about some of the packages does not exist or is not valid.]
  code: 4,
  message: 'The target for downloading or getting more information about some of the packages does not exist or is not valid.',
  originalMessage: null,
   { code: 'ENORESTARGET',
     details: 'Available versions: 0.1.24-alpha, 0.1.23-alpha, 0.1.22-alpha, 0.1.21-alpha, 0.1.20-alpha, 0.1.19-alpha, 0.1.18-alpha, 0.1.17-alpha, 0.1.16-alpha, 0.1.15-alpha, 0.1.14-alpha, 0.1.12-alpha, 0.1.11-alpha, 0.1.10-alpha, 0.1.9-alpha, 0.1.8-alpha, 0.1.7-alpha, 0.1.6-alpha, 0.1.5-alpha, 0.1.4-alpha, 0.1.3-alpha, 0.1.2-alpha, 0.1.1-alpha, 0.1.0-alpha',
     data: { endpoint: [Object], resolver: [Object] } } } { directory: 'www/bower_components/',
  registry: '',
  interactive: null,
  cwd: '/XDK/EA_Ch6/' }

Same problem on XDK Stable version, both versions are working fine with other packages, help appreciated! 


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I will let the appropriate engineer know of this issue. I just tried including it in the release candidate and it provides an error in my xdk.log similar to what you saw in your xdk.log.

For now, you'll have to install it using the command-line.

I'm assuming this is the one you're after >, instructions there on how to install it from a command-line.




thanks for reply! Added using command-line.


Hi there,

after installing from command-line, I get an warning inside XDK, it seems ngCordova is not defined in the XDK bower.json.  

Please see attached image. 


There's a change arriving in the next release that will help to alleviate this condition.

The specific issue you're running into is a bug in the version of Bower that is being used inside the XDK. Unfortunately, the next release will not address this specific bug in Bower, but you will have the option to disable Bower so you can use it manually without interference from the XDK. We'll get the specific Bower bug fixed in a later release.

p.s. Next release should appear very soon.

Hi Paul,

thanks for the info. Actually i've added it using bower command line and it works. 

Looking fw for next release, can you anticipate what's new on that? 


Company policy does not allow me to provide a release date. All I can say is very soon.

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