APK incompatible for older android devices (SHA256?)

APK incompatible for older android devices (SHA256?)

I've build a new version of an app which was previously signed using the jarsigner from JDK 1.6

But lately I run everything through Intel XDK (thanks guys for this great product)
However I got reports from some android users, that they are unable to install my apps which are build using XDK EA (2866)
They get an "Error 103" when installing updates through the google play store.

I found out that when I remove the META-INF folder in the APK, and sign it using the jarsigner the users are able to install it again.

Google mentioned that some older devices don't support the SHA256 hash functions.

Can I somehow set up my XDK project that the build would use the SHA1 hash on build / signing?

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Posted the same question in the public part of the XDk forum. I hope XDK will 'go back' to the SHA1WithRSA signing, or make an link between  the "minimum Android API" and the signing....

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Thanks Paul for the information and upcoming change in the build system!

@Ad: Glad I was not the only one having this issue ;)

Thanks XDK team for the new release 3357: signing works perfect now, even on older devices!
No need to use batch files any more, just click on the Build tab and wait until the compiler is ready.




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