Intel 3400 not listing Cordova Plugins

Intel 3400 not listing Cordova Plugins

When I add plugins they are not listed as they used to be in the older XDK version. Note that for older projects created with the old XDK, I do see the list in this newer version - it just doesn't happen for new projects.. I get the message that the plugin is being added but nothing is listed. In addition, after the build when I look at info, it says:

  • No plugins were found in the intelxdk.config.xml file.


I don't know if this is related, but my IOS app is not letting me exit the app to a URL (but this does work using Intel's App Preview app). I was thinking a plugin is missing (that's when I saw that the list isn't there).

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I figured it out. When I was adding the plugins in XDK it went into a plugin folder, that was in the project directory BUT not in the www folder. Once I moved the plugin file into the www directory, all was good. I see the plugins listed in XDK AND my app now works properly (going to the URL).

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