Displaying HTML in a DIV but cannot get values.

Displaying HTML in a DIV but cannot get values.

I have some HTML built around framework 7 that displays a form. The HTML is stored as a string together with some SQL that references the control ID's to gather the values and write back to a database.

The HTML displays fine and I can enter data, but I cannot get any values from the controls. 

I have var myvalue = $('#myvalue').val();

I also want to evaluate an SQL string such as "INSERT INTO XYZ (myvalue) VALUES("+$('#myvalue').val()+")" but again I am not getting any returned values from the controls.


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Hi Nick,

Could you post the html for the control with id=myvalue?

There are several jquery methods to get the strings associated to a html control. I did a lot in my code what you explaining, so more info may help to get the problem.

No errors on debugger? jquery is loaded before you try to use $() notation?



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