Emulator not communicating with Edison

Emulator not communicating with Edison


I am able to get the Intel XDK IoT edition to communicate with the Edison board, however when I run the Temperature or Touch sensor HTML5+Cordova app in the Emulator, I cannot get it to communicate with the Edison board. I have run the initial communication test to blink the onboard LED succesfully, but I have not found a way yet to communicate with the sensors I am attaching from the Grove sensor kit.  I am using the correct local IP address ( and the port 58888. What else am I doing wrong?

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I recommend running the running the following commands to update the onboard package manager:

  1. opkg upgrade
  2. opkg update

This will update the current versions of MRAA and UPM on the board. You should also update the daemon which can be found under the menu button in the bottom toolbar.

In order for the Touch Sensor or the Local Temperature IoT projects to work/display values from the sensor(s) to the companion app on device or emulator, you will need to double check the Domain List field under the  Projects panel when the HTML5 companion app is selected. Add a * in this field as it will allow for you to communicate with any external web resources.

I have this information already from wiki.openwrt.org however i cannot figure out how to run these commands using the "Intel XDK IoT Edition 1912" software? There is no bottom toolbar (as far as I can see) in the XDK IoT software. 

Also, every time I open up the XDK IoT software I am prompted to install the latest update that has been downloaded (I have 1912 and the downloaded version is 1995). I always do this installation, but next time when I log in, I get the same request again to instal the upgrades. The 1996 version does not seem to install correctly. 

Can anyone tell me from where I can get the Emulator for Intel Edison board?

There is no emulator for the Edison. You need a physical Edison board to use the XDK for development.

The emulator that is being referenced here is a mobile device emulator. The Intel XDK IoT Edition doesn't have an Intel Edison board emulator.

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