How to Enable Gradle

How to Enable Gradle

Hi, I am getting a bit lost here. 

I just added a plugin, and when I run the build 

Error: Plugin BackgroundGeolocation cannot be added. The plugin contains Gradle scripts.

<platform name="android">
<preference name="android-build-tool" value="gradle" />

I attempted to add the support using the platform tag, but still no luck. How do I enable this and get this working? 

Thanks for any support


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Currently, Intel XDK does not provide access to enabling or leveraging gradle scripts in applications via plugins or otherwise. We are currently investigating this. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Is there any update on this?

if not is there a way to easily convert and intel XDK application into a normal cordova project?


Intel XDK Build system is still not able to handle plugins containing Gradle scripts. We are currently investigating a possible solution. I recommend reviewing the requirements of a Cordova CLI project at You will find the steps to add plugins and build your project for the appropriate platform there.

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