android build error

android build error

upgrade to 3088,build android for corsswork error,the error information is :

how to know which asset filename error?




Build Log

  • Building a Cordova 5.1.1 application.
  • Using platform cordova-android 4.1.1.
  • The application name is "SiteWeb"
  • The package name is ""
  • Preference android-signed set to true. Application will be signed.
  • Using Crosswalk Embedded 15
  • Error: Android asset filenames may only contain ASCII characters.
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I recommend that you review the full log which contains more information in detail. By clicking the encircled i (i) at the bottom of the successfully built platform build, you can view the Details for <selected-platform> Build popup. The link to the full log is located at the bottom of the Details for <selected-platform> Build popup. 

but no link in the popup  windows



Downloadimage/png error.png25.13 KB

before upgrade to 3088,it's build success!

how to fix it ? thanks.

Check the names of your folders and files in your project to make sure they do not have any odd characters. This is likely due to restrictions in the latest version of Cordova. That project has been tightening the minimum requirements on filenames and formats to avoid problems by being too relaxed, in the past.

you must to do a review in the debugger, there i saw a problem whit a picture name!!

Probably images names that are not accepted. Eliminate accents and some characters like hyphens. It worked for me.

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