requestAnimationFrame() not work!

requestAnimationFrame() not work!

greetings, the problem I have is that when replacing the setInterval () function by requestAnimationFrame (); all stopped working , I think the XDK does not support this feature yet , interval the set () slows my application , any solution ? what is this about?
( In the browser everything works well , even in the phone's browser )
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I don't understand what you are asking. What is your question?

I'm trying to use the function requestAnimationFrame instead of using setInterval to cycle to be repeated again and again, but it seems that Intel XDK does not support this function. any idea how to use requestAnimationFrame Intel XDK?

The ability to use requestAnimationFrame (and any other HTML5 APIs) is a function of your target device's webview, it is not a function of the XDK. The XDK builds standard Cordova apps that run in the device webview.

Please see this blog for more details > < I'm guessing that you are experiencing this on an Android device. Please use the Crosswalk build option, it solves these problems on Android.

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