Sound not work

Sound not work

Hello, someone knows how to put sound in applications? I've tried the tutorial cordova but I can not make it work, I'm not very skilled but what I do is add the plugin cordova in the project window or after the code mean turotrial of cordova and the application does not run, typical tags sound javascript not working, any ideas?

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I recommend testing your project on a real device since Intel XDK Emulator only supports playing .wav (audio) files.


hi, thanks for answering , I tried it on a real device android and even so it works really what I try to do is very simple just queiro play a sound I have stayed at the www folder, if I test the code in the browser phone works perfect but when I use my code for XDK intel does not play the audio , try using cordova to see if I could but the reality is I do not need cordova, because just try to play an audio file , a simple thing, I tried ogg and mp3 audio, nothing seems to work . Intel XDK does not support the traditional way of playing audio and Javascript, html5 ?

Check the "hello cordova" demo app to see how it is done.

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