Connect windows app to arduino via usb

Connect windows app to arduino via usb


I want to know if it is possible to use some lib or plugin to provide connection of my prospective windows app with arduino through usb?

At first I want to create project in intel xdk then build it for windows (PC) and connect my arduino board to my computer and be able to control it via usb.

The ideal option would be to use some javascript function that will allow to send some data via usb serial like a usual treminal in arduino ide.

I know that google chrome extensions have serial api for this purpose. Involt has the same feature.

Look at my picture to clarify all the stuff :)

Thank you for answer.

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Thank you for the answer.

So, does Intel XDK IoT version provide communication of PC with arduino board via usb serial?

Currently we support Edison and galileo.

Thank you for the answer.

Ok, I will try to ask a little differently. Does Intel XDK IoT version provide communication through usb serial? I need to get available ports of my PC programmatically, set baudrate, open selected port (for example "COM1") and send some data to any device via serial port.

Boris - Please ask IoT question on the IoT forum ( There are more people there who can answer your questions.

Yes as Pamela suggested please post IoT questions to the provided links.

For serial communication you can refer this link which has several samples:

Boris -- the IoT edition only communicates with devices over a network connection (wireless or wired). It does not use serial ports of any sort to communicate with target IoT devices.

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