Read Content Directory

Read Content Directory

I try to read content directory files, I have  Intel xdk +cordova + plugins(cordova-plugin-file)


 function success(entries) {
                var i;
                for (i=0; i<entries.length; i++) {

          function fail(error) {
            alert("Failed to list directory contents: " + error.code);

         // Get a directory reader
         var directoryReader = directoryEntry.createReader();
          // Get a list of all the entries in the directory


GIve me Failed to list directory contents error 1



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This seems to be an issue with the Cordova plugins that you are using. Also, I recommend that you use Cordova equivalent plugins instead of intel.xdk plugins since these are no longer supported. 

The plugin developer would be the best contact for resolving issue with a plugin running on your device since they would be able to advise you accurately on the shortcomings or even recommendations. 

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