not able to save file in server

not able to save file in server

Hi Team,

i am very new to the intel XDK. but i liked it very much, kudos to you guys..
my problem is i am able to take picture and show it in my app but not able to save it.
i have googled it and found below code but when i am running the same in debugger its showing me access problem.

function uploadtoserver()
intel.xdk.file.uploadToServer( "http://localhost:58888/"+pictureURL,"", "", "image/jpeg", "updateUploadProgress");

function updateUploadProgress(bytesSent,totalBytes)


function uploadBusy(evt)
alert("Sorry, a file is already being uploaded");

function uploadComplete(evt)
alert("File "+evt.localURL+" was uploaded");
else {
alert("Error uploading file "+evt.message);

function uploadCancelled(evt)
alert("File upload was cancelled "+evt.localURL);

could you please help me on the same. (either send me some working code or correct my code)

quick reply will be much appreciated.

Pranay Joshi

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Search for PhoneGap examples for the various ways to do this. The XDK provides you with a container that is similar to a PhoneGap or Cordova container and the techniques used for those hybrid apps also apply here.

Hi Pranay,

Did you get a clear solution to this, I'm stuck in the same problem. Please hep if you can

hey pranay , Brian do you got any solution for this.

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