Samsung Galaxy 3 Issue

Samsung Galaxy 3 Issue

Hi Everyone - new to this forum.  I am using Construct2 to develop a "shooter" type game - everything works fine - even testing it on my Andriod phone using "preview on Lan" component within Construct2.  When I generate a "Build" using XDK - I get the following message when trying to run it on my Galaxy 3:

"Unfortunately XXXXXXXXXX stopped."  where xxxxxxxxxxxx is the name of my app.  Android OS is 4.2 - Samsung Galaxy 3

Has anyone gotten this message?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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If you're building a game and using Construct2, I recommend you use the Debug tab and build using the "Android for Crosswalk" build system. If you are using Intel XDK API calls you may have to substitute the equivalent Cordova 3.3 APIs (that is being fixed as we speak, but I'm not sure if fix to provide access to the Intel XDK API is in the build system, yet).

The performance you get from the Crosswalk build system is much better, it is limited to Android 4.x devices, and the HTML5 rendering engine is much, much better. Also, the Debug tab uses the same rendering engine as the Crosswalk build system, with a much richer debug environment than the Test tab.

Thanks Paul - I do use the Crosstalk option when compiling my project using XDK.  It really works great - super product.  The "APP HAS STOPPED" message which appears when I quit my game is apparently also happening on other Android vendor devices-so it appears to be an Android problem or Construct2 issue.




Tom Sims 

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