Problem with interactivity

Problem with interactivity


I'm trying to develop a simple app with multiple pages and subpages accessed through a listview widget. I'm using the appDesigner. For some reason when I set interactivity to access different pages in the interactivity pane, my changes are not saved when moving to another window (e.g. code view or emulator). It simply 'forgets' the changes I've just made!

I'm using a macbook air and have installation version 1199. I'm currently developing in j-query mobile. Has anyone else experienced this, or can you help?


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I have escalated your issue to the engineering team. As an alternative, you may want to edit the index.html file directly after setting it initially in regards to the button interactivity configurations.

Elroy Ashtian, Jr.

I think I have reproduced this error and fixed it. The fix will appear in the next release.

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