Error Uploading to Edison

Error Uploading to Edison

My Edison seems to be successfully connected to XDK, but when I try to do an install/build the "Onboard LED Blink" sample, I get this error:

Clean and Build project. This may take a few minutes.
Fetching packages using NPM: Installing
UPLOADING: Uploading project bundle to IoT device.
ERROR:Error extracting update - Error: Command failed: x node_modules/
x icon.png: Write failed
x main.js: Write failed
x package.json: Write failed
x Write failed
x test4.xdk: Write failed
x test4.xdke: Write failed
bsdtar: Error exit delayed from previous errors.

Also, when I try to make sure MRAA and UPM libraries are loaded with this instruction:

echo "src maa-upm" > /etc/opkg/intel-iotdk.conf

I get this error:

"sh: write error: No space left on device"

Does anyone have any ideas?


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Most likely your Edison partition has run out of disk space. 

You can check from your Edison console by running the command "df -h /"

It will show 100% used. If that's the case, please clean the logs under /var/log/journal directory. 

We are working towards providing auto clear the logs. But in the meanwhile you can manually do it.

Go to /var/log/journal directory. Run "du -sh *", it will show you bunch of directories. 

Remove all or some of them to create more disk space.

use rm -rf * to clean all the directories under journal. Do not remove journal directory.






Yes, that was the problem.  All OK now after removing all directories under /var/log/journal.



Using Intel galileo Gen2... /dev/root 100% usage

there is no directory /var/log/journal directory ... where and how to clean the disk space..?



I recommend running the following command in an attempt to free up space.

rm -rf /var/tmp


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