Downloading version 1621

Downloading version 1621

NOTE: The Windows version of the Intel XDK will only run on Windows 7 and Windows 8 machines. If you are installing on Windows XP it will fail! Prior versions appeared to work on Windows XP, but were never tested on XP and, in fact, had problems working reliably on Windows XP. Windows XP is NOT and never has been a supported platform! If you must use Windows XP as your development system we recommend that you create a Linux VM using VMware Player or Virtual Box and install the Linux version of the Intel XDK on that Linux VM.

If you are experiencing issues with the 1816 release, please first try the following to completely uninstall the XDK and re-install version 1816 of the XDK:

Take the following steps to completely uninstall the XDK from your Windows system:

-- FIRST: from the Windows Control Panel, remove the Intel XDK, using the Windows uninstaller tool

> cd %LocalAppData%\Intel\XDK
> del *.* /s/q

> cd %LocalAppData%\XDK
> copy global-settings.xdk %UserProfile%
> del *.* /s/q
> copy %UserProfile%\global-settings.xdk .

-- goto and select the download link
-- download and install the new XDK

-- delete the new .xdk and .xdke files in any updated project directories
-- rename the .xdk11_bak and .xdke11_bak files to .xdk and .xdke, respectively

To do the same on a Linux or Mac:
-- on a Linux machine, first run the uninstall script, typically "
-- remove the directory in which your app was installed
-- typically in /opt/intel or your home directory on a Linux machine
-- typically in the /Applications/Intel directory on a Mac

$ find ~ -name global-settings.xdk
$ cd <result-from-above> (for example ~/Library/Application Support/XDK/ on a Mac)
$ cp global-settings.xdk ~
$ rm -Rf *
$ mv ~/global-settings.xdk .

-- goto and select the download link
-- download and install the new XDK

-- delete the new .xdk and .xdke files in your updated project directories
-- rename the .xdk11_bak and .xdke11_bak files to .xdk and .xdke, respectively

Download 1621:
If that does not resolve the issue, and you want to install 1621, you can find the install files attached to this thread. You will have to unzip the Windows installer first before you can install on Windows. Sorry, but that was the only way an EXE file could be attached to this forum thread.

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You mentioned re-installing version 1812, did you mean 1816?  I followed your instructions here -- still nothing (for latest 1816 release).  Downgraded to version 1621 and I am running again.  Thank you for posting the old installer Paul.

Also, your installer (current or prior) does not work properly for sudo option (neither Ubuntu 12.04 or 14).  As well, the root selection probably should be disabled if root login is not enabled on the target system.

My original posting:


Wed, 02/25/2015 - 17:20

Prior version worked on Ubuntu Linux 12.04 and 14 (although there were various problems initially installing onto the kubuntu 14 system...).

Today I regret having run the update installer on Ubuntu 12.04.  It showed that it successfully installed the update with no errors, however it will not run.  I tried alternately installing using sudo, root, and then also for a single user in home directory -- all with the same result --> the application does not show at all - and no errors revealed at all.  I've tried running from the application startup icon and from the command line.......

Sorry to hear of the problems. Will report to engineering.

p.s. Yes, I meant 1816, I've correct the post, thanks for catching that error.

I went to 1621. It's fast and stable. but how to block annoying update offer message?

There is no way to hide it permanently. We want people to upgrade since we do roll out new features/updates/bug fixes regularly. If you dont want to update, I can see how it can be a pain, but thats the decision that was made, to keep reminding you :)

I like new versions but they are not usable for me. (crashed after computer wake-up, slow, dividing project to web and cordova app, unworking my project from 1621).


I found how to hide dialog window by patching navbar.js

I cant find those locations in my hard drive, there nothing there!   and im still having errors with the instaler, it only gives me options to fix or uninstall, both ending with error.

Hi!!, I'm install 1621 versión but don't login (user and pass are OK) I test this data in other version 3552.

Whats app???


We no longer support version 1621. See the note in the release notes > <

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