Intel App Preview is "no longer published" in Windows Phone Store

Intel App Preview is "no longer published" in Windows Phone Store


Could you please clarify what the situation is with Subj?

The app appears to be "Unpublished" and I really need to test something on Windows Phone

Should I expect it to be back any time soon?



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Yes, the app will return. There are some problems with it logging into the new login system, so it is currently non-functional. We'll have an announcement on the forum when it becomes available again. In the meantime, the only workaround is to build an app and install it on your phone.

Thanks! Looking forward to it. Any timeline for this? 2015?

Hi Paul,

some of my customers need the Windows Phone App Preview please.
I have a installed Windows Phone version and it works perfect.

I`m looking forward to it.


Windows Phone App Preview was pulled due to backend changes that would not allow you to use it as intended. We will get an update out when it is available but I can not provide a timeline.



I hope the app will be available as soon as possible. I really like your tool, and without it I like without hands.

You can always build your app and install it ad hoc to test.

There are any News? I Need it to code and test faster my Apps... PLEASE =D

Still in process. No estimate on when it will become available.

There are any News? Your tool is cool but I don't have access to it for a few months!

A new App Preview for Windows Phone is still in development. I am not allowed to publish an expected release date.

I am pretty sure it will be in time for WP10 :)

march 2016 is my estimation... they are taking too long on getting this one out, and it is beating one of the best features of XDK.

We'll get you a copy based on Cordova for Windows Phone before March, 2016. :-) We are finishing up our new Windows Phone 8.1 Cordova support, when that is officially released we should have a Windows Phone 8.1 App Preview available; either at the time of the release or soon after the release.

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