"Error Saving File"

"Error Saving File"

Message from Intel XDK:

"Error Saving File

An error occurred when trying to save the file C:/User/.../index.html. (error Unknown)"

At the moment when I received the error, I was not committing any new action that I have not previously done before.


The file I am working on is App Framework footer template. I have added a "justgage", a picture, and some text. And I was manually adding to the html "vertical align" to the text. (Not sure if that is a detail of importance).

I have had a plethora of problems with the footer buttons (and buttons in general) not working on click, and often having their Action reset in the Interactivity pane. Further, the javascript in index_user_scripts.js at one point stopped matching the button setting in the app designer. App designer would often reset the footer button links to "not set". I would imagine that this might be an important ingredient to the problem but I cannot be sure. This problem subsided at times but reappeared whenever the code was manually added to index_user_scripts.js

I would like to address both of these problems, but mainly the inability to save my work. I tried restarting the computer, turning off Avast firewall, and making a replica index.html file (by copying the code and replacing the current index.html). The index.html swap worked for the about 15-20 minutes but as soon as I went into the code to make any changes (from Brackets/code tab) I would get the "Error Saving File" again. This would even prevent me from going back to the designer tab.

Yikes. I am really having a hard time working with these types of interruptions. Please help asap.


Window 7, Intel XDK version 2366.


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I'll ask our App Designer expert to take a look.

 Further, the javascript in index_user_scripts.js at one point stopped matching the button setting in the app designer. App designer would often reset the footer button links to "not set". 

If this happens to all the buttons in one go, it usually indicates that the JS file was messed up somehow. Your edit made it no longer be a well formed Javascript file, and now the JS parser rejects it, and App Designer cannot find matches for the buttons. Use the JSHint feature in the Code Editor to look for possible problems.  Any JSHint message that begins with "Unexpected ..." is probably pointing you to the culprit. 


The "Error saving file" message is from Brackets.  But knowing that doesn't really help.

If I had to guess I would say the file is either locked, has its permissions changed, or possibly open in multiple editors which are both saving. The latter seems most likely, with the editors being App Designer and Brackets.  However, they have a well coordinated dance and we've never seen this particular error. And a reboot should definitely have cleared that out.  

Are you using source control on your project? Different types of source control could possibly lock the file, or write to it. Are you in the midst of a merge conflict?

Hi Chris,

Thank you for the prompt reply. I am not in the midst of a merge, and am not using source control.

One crucial piece of info I left out was that I originally made each of my five footer buttons link to main-pages (not sub-pages), could that have been the issue? I noticed that in the original template, the footer buttons were linked to sub-pages (not main-pages). What is the difference?

You will likely tell me to keep the original sub-page/footer linkage, but if on one of the footer's sub-pages I wanted to place an animated sidebar, it shows up on all of the other sub-pages with the same content (whereas I looked to make an animated sidebar specific to one of the pages, not all). This is the reason I made each footer button a main-page (not sub-pages). 

In summary, I would like each of the pages (whether sub or main) to have their own animated sidebars with their own content. If linking footer buttons with main-pages produces errors, do you have any suggestions on to achieve this without errors?

Thanks in advance,


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