iXDK : Android apk : ios provisionning files included in apk but they sould not be.

iXDK : Android apk : ios provisionning files included in apk but they sould not be.


since intel XDK 3491 update, when building for android crosswalk (only checking android in the build tab), build system shows "Unable to upload the project file" because ios provisionning files are not in the project directory.

So I copied them in the project directory (under www) even if I am not building for ios...

And these ios provisionning files are under \assets\www directory in the generated apk .

The problem is ios provisionning files should not be in the apk file. The build system should not include them, it is a security issue because other could build ios ipa with my provisionning files found in the android apk.

Waiting for your answer.

Other than that, iXDK is really great !!!

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I put provisionning profiles in a package-assets folder as stated here : https://software.intel.com/en-us/forums/intel-xdk/topic/626468

And it is now ok, my bad, but my experience can help others who have a previous version migrated project file..

Though, I had to edit the "myprojectname".xdk file to remove all unnecessary references to un-needed icon and splashscreen files (those that were but are no longer in the "Launch Icons and Splash Screens" section of the project properties tab in intelXDK)

This way everything is ok.

Have a great day !


Alexandre -- thanks for that heads up. Yes, this is a very subtle known issue that was left off the known issues list. I'll add it there so others will find your post.

I can tell you that I tried this and the zip process fails because the provisioning files are NOT in the www.  You can't seriously be asking for the files to be in two locations.  Can we update https://software.intel.com/en-us/xdk/docs/release-notes-information-intel-xdk

Phil -- with the 3491 release the iOS provisioning files now move to the package-assets folder, so they no longer need to be included in your source folder and will, therefore, not appear in any packages you build. However, if you already have those files located in your www folder in an existing project that you created with an older version of the XDK, the XDK will honor that existing location. Once you try to change a provisioning file the XDK will insist on moving it to the package-assets folder. I know that's confusing, but it's done in order for existing projects to continue to work without having to move things around.

In summary, you can move your provisioning files out of your www folder and into the package-assets folder and avoid having them included in your final IPA and APK packages.

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