Problem converting legacy, or creating new Android Keystore

Problem converting legacy, or creating new Android Keystore

There is a known issue with the certificate management console that causes it to "shrink" vertically so that some input fields are hidden. Use the small scrollbar to the right of the input fields to see the other input fields. The images in the next post show the location of that scrollbar.

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Have not built a release in a while, and just found with the new XDK v3900 the need to update the legacy keystores, or create a new one.

When I try either method, I get the error message "key passphrase is a required field". Reviewing available documentation and videos, and it appears that I am not presented with the full menu of items to fill in. I'm only seeing Keystore Description and Certifcate Alias per the attached screen grab, while documentation has 10 or so areas to fill in per

Am I doing something wrong?


Mark (Windows 10 installation)

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I just figured out what is wrong, the dialog box has shrunken and there is a hard to see scrollbar that will allow you to see the other fields. See the images below:

Many thanks - will give it a try

Hello Paul,

I d´ont remember any key for my android signature and in phonegap i need this to sign the app.

Is possible change this in my signature?

I remember one pasword for my android signature but the phonegap say all the time "Error - Incorrect keystore password"

Thanks and best regards


@Ulises -- these should be the most useful info articles, which include additional useful links:

If you were using a "legacy" keystore that was migrated from the "old" XDK to the "new" XDK, you only had one keystore password, but that one password was used twice, once as the keystore password and once as the signature password. In PhoneGap Build you need to simply provide that one password in two places.

Otherwise, if you created the keystore using the certificates UI in the XDK, you had the opportunity to assign two passwords, but likely only provided one (which is what most people did and is the easiest way to work with your certificates). As above, if you only assigned one password it simply means that one password was assigned in both places and you simply need to provide the same password to both fields in PhoneGap Build.

IMPORTANT: regarding your keystore password(s), we do not retain a copy of any keystore passwords. When our build system was still in place you had to provide the keystore password(s) during the build, which would be remembered for a limited period of time, but then discarded after that time frame had been exceeded (it was usually remembered only until you exited the XDK or two days, depending on the option you selected).

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