I have successfully created andorid and windows app ,but not able to generate app for ios. Please let me know.. Am not able to add ios certificate in intel XDK. Following the tutorial but after apple developer login am not getting the certificate identity profile to generate now one. Please help.





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Are you trying to build with the XDK build system, PhoneGap Build or Cordova CLI?

XDK Build

I wonder if you are seeing this problem > <

Hi Paul,

I am able to generate Android apk and Windows but not able to generate ipk  for iOS. Please help me for this .Is that any license required from Apple ??? Because am not getting the option  to add certificate and upload .csr file  on .

Please help .

Thanks :)


Yes, you need a developer's account with Apple to build an iOS app.

Do I need to purchase the license? I am not getting . Like android and Windows am able to generate without license.Because am following the intel xdk tutorials and there is option of certificate on . But after  registering the account (free signup) on apple developer an not getting the certificate options.Please help.

*And if i'll use the mac os then ? can I use this(same) code in xcode and build ipk and install in my ios mobile??

Thanks :)



You need to purchase a $99/year developer license with Apple to generate the certificates that are needed by the Intel XDK build system (or for use with the PhoneGap Build service or to build an IPA with Cordova CLI). This is an Apple restriction, we are not able to change that or make it work any other way.

Hi Paul,

Thanks for your all supports .

But one thing is not clear. Like I just want to generate IPA and install in my mobile only ,don't want to distribute it to anyone, So still license is required ?? And if I would like to purchase any license then what is the process? Am not getting any option for that.

Am not getting any option like "certificate Identifiers and Profiles" to create any certificate .


Yes, if you want to generate an IPA, regardless of how many devices you want to install it onto, you need an Apple Developer's account. No way around that. Apple does offer a free method but only by using Xcode directly to create simple apps. You cannot use Cordova to create a free IPA, you must get an Apple Developer's account, which costs $99 per year.

Hi Paul,

I need some help me javascript .could you please help.

Sorry, we don't have the resources to help you learn how to write code, we're here to help with the tool itself. There are many wonderful sites available to learn about HTML5, including W3C schools, edx, HTML5 rocks, and Stack Overflow. The XDK creates a standard Cordova app, so there's nothing special about the XDK JavaScript runtime environment, it's the same one that is used by PhoneGap and Cordova. It's often referred to as a "webview" which can be thought of as an embedded browser. The key is you are writing "client only" code, there is no server, just a JavaScript runtime, a bit like node, but without the node APIs, just the APIs you would find in a typical browser.

Hi Paul,

How are you?

Actually now I want to purchase apple developer licence, Could you please provide me the link from where i can purchase that .

After that developer licence I guess I'll be ale to generate IPA.



Ok I purchased the license ,now please let me know the steps to build IPA

Hi Paul,

During build iOS am getting build fail error.So am not able to generate IPA.

I need your help.



Please review the detailed build log, the last page of it usually will have a clue as to what failed. If you cannot figure it out, attach a copy of the detailed build log as a TXT file to this thread and I can take a look and see if there is anything obvious. In the meantime, you might try experimenting with your build settings to see if anything changes the results, and try building with PhoneGap Build, as well, especially because our build system is being retired at the end of June.

Hi Paul

Below is build log ,

  • Building a Cordova 6.2.0 application.
  • Using platform cordova-ios 4.1.1.
  • The application name is "StoreReports"
  • The package name is ""
  • Plugin "cordova-plugin-statusbar" (2.1.3) installed.
  • Plugin "cordova-plugin-device" (1.1.2) installed.
  • Plugin "cordova-plugin-splashscreen" (3.2.2) installed.
  • Targeting iOS version 8.0.
  • Error: A build error occurred. Check the build log.



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Your app ID does not match what's specified in your developer certs. See the following from the detailed build log:

Check dependencies
Code Sign error: Provisioning profile does not match bundle identifier: The provisioning profile specified in your build settings (“Abhigyan”) has an AppID of “com.example.aequm.alok” which does not match your bundle identifier “”.


The following build commands failed:
	Check dependencies
(1 failure)
Error: Error code 65 for command: xcodebuild with args: -xcconfig,.../cordova_project/platforms/ios/cordova/build-release.xcconfig,-project,StoreReports.xcodeproj,ARCHS=armv7 arm64,-target,StoreReports,-configuration,Release,-sdk,iphoneos,build,VALID_ARCHS=armv7 arm64,CONFIGURATION_BUILD_DIR=.../cordova_project/platforms/ios/build/device,SHARED_PRECOMPS_DIR=.../cordova_project/platforms/ios/build/sharedpch

Try changing the App ID in the Build Settings to match what's in your provisioning file (e.g., "com.example.aequm.alok").

Thanks Paul,

Let me check

Hi Paul,

That build error has been resolved ,after that I download a file with IPA extension it looks like zip file, after extracting it generating  payload folder,I guess that IPA file is real app, but how can I install that app in my apple mobile? Is there any option in which I can install it without apple store? like what we do in android ,Please help

A variety of solutions can be found here > < and you'll find others if you search StackOverflow and blogs about PhoneGap Build.

Hi Paul,

After using  PhoneGap build am getting error in iOS part rest is ok..


Errot -  Error: extension .cer did not match expected (p12)

You must provide a signing key, first. Find out how to fix this.

And more thing how to build many app in free version ,because it allows only one .


I can send u that certificate (.cer) file and .mobileprovision





Downloadimage/png phonegap.png299.83 KB

Based on the screen shot, you have not selected a signing certificate to use with PhoneGap Build. You have to give PhoneGap Build the iOS signing certificate, to keep in your account, so they can use it to build and sign your app. You also have to include an appropriate mobile provisioning file to perform that build. All of this is outside the domain and control of the XDK, we can export a build project, but we cannot provide the signing certificate and the mobile provisioning file that PhoneGap Build needs to build your iOS project. You must provide that directly to them, using their tool and instructions provided by them. Once you have given them the certificate you must select it on the build panel that you show in the screen shot.

Regarding the single private app slot for building a PhoneGap Build project, you can only build one app at a time, but you can upload any app you want into the private build slot. They do not keep track. Just try it, you'll see.

Hi Paul,

I need your help again.

I have generate IPA for iPhone ,but not able to install it.Please let me know how can i do that without  publishing it on App Store. 

You can only install debug versions onto your device. You'll have to provide a mobile provisioning file that includes your phone as part of the build.

hi Paul,

I am not getting build option in XDK to build my project in android.

please help

The build service has been retired, consistent with our announcement in March and the links that have been present in the Build tab since that time, announcing that the build system would be retired at the end of June. See the release notes for details > < you now MUST export your package for building with PhoneGap Build or Cordova CLI.

Hi Paul,

I need some help.. May I know ho can we configure  which page will open first in our project. As of now index.html page comes first after opening the app, but suppose I want to open different page without changing the name of page. Please help.


The default is index.html. I am not aware of a way to change that. In general, it is not good practice to use multiple html pages in a Cordova app, instead, you should use the "SPA" approach ("single page app"), which hides <div> elements to represent pages. See this Cordova next steps doc page for a little background > < this approach insures that your app retains a single JavaScript context.

Hi Paul,

I have created ionic cordova project including firebase but the size of the project is 80mb. So am not able to generate apk of it. Whenevr am using phonegap clod build its showing that max 50mb file i can build.. please help

If you are using Ionic you have a Cordova project, so I would recommend you use Cordova CLI to build your app (which is what Ionic recommends). The alternative is to pay for a PhoneGap Build account so you can build something that is greater than 80MB. See this useful blog from Ionics > < and this doc page for help setting up Cordova CLI > < on your system.

If you are including Crosswalk in your build, that is contributing to the size of the APK. If you are not, then it is all your app and/or the stuff that Ionic is adding. If you are including Crosswalk and only need to run on Android 4.4+ (or, even better, if you limit your app to running on Android 5+), you likely do not need Crosswalk. Here's a forum thread that explains a little more about that > < However, I'd be surprised if Crosswalk is part of your build is you are using Ionics to construct your app.

Otherwise, double-check to be sure you're not including unnecessary bits in your app, which may be contributing to the large size.

For help with Ionics please work with Ionics and their forum, we are not experts on Ionics apps or the Ionics framework. For help with Cordova CLI, see the StackOverflow Cordova tag, which is the best place for Cordova CLI help. For help with PhoneGap Build, see their online forum and the PhoneGap tag on StackOverflow.

Hi Paul.

How are you?

Am facing some problem ,whenever am creating cordova build package in XDK to build apk ,am getting error:  first argument need to be number array or string .

Please help


Abhigyan G. escreveu:

Am facing some problem ,whenever am creating cordova build package in XDK to build apk ,am getting error:  first argument need to be number array or string .

I'm assuming you mean that the XDK is creating an error message that says "first argument need to be number array or string" during the process of creating a build export package? Is that correct?

Can you provide a screenshot to add some context?

Are you using the latest version of the XDK?

Can you provide a sample project that does this?

Using latest version ,

I don't know why am not able to attach screeshort. getting error that You are not authorized to access this page.

Can you send me personal message ur email id so I'll share my project 

I sent you a private message that you can respond to.

Am waiting for your reply 

The problem is you did not use the plugin management tool to add a third-party plugin!!

These <gap:...> lines are causing the error:

The iOS part of the Cordova subsystem inside the XDK, which is used to scan and build the config.xml file, does not recognize those instructions and fails. They are specific to PhoneGap Build and it appears the Cordova CLI code (which comes from the Cordova project) does not know how to deal with them.

The right way to do this is to use the Plugin Management tool, and use the "Third-Party Plugins" option, like this:

The plugin manager will automatically detect that some plugin parameters are required, and will then ask you for them, like this:

Of course, you also have to remove those <gap:...> lines you added to the intelxdk.config.additions.xml file. Then, when you do the export of the PGB package, the config.xml file will include the appropriate reference to the plugin, like this:

And it will work with either PhoneGap Build or Cordova CLI.

Hi Paul,

Please help me ,how to build the project




Downloadimage/png img1.png97.59 KB

Thanks Paul,

Let me try your answer

Hi Paul,

Could you please help e for google login. Actually I am able to call that google login in my project but after login It is going somewhere else ,You have my project please help me out.I juts want to call home.html after login through google.


Abhigyan G. escreveu:

Could you please help e for google login. Actually I am able to call that google login in my project but after login It is going somewhere else ,You have my project please help me out.I juts want to call home.html after login through google.

You should not be using multiple html files to represent multiple pages in your app, you should have only one html page (index.html). First rule for Cordova apps, straight from the Cordova docs > SPA is Your Friend. When you leave index.html you lose the JavaScript and Cordova context you had. Do not build multi-page apps; instead, hide and show an enclosing <div> element to make it appear as a page.

We do not have the resources to provide programming level support here. For that you are best served by searching through the Cordova tag on StackOverflow and the many excellent blogs and articles on the net that are available. For example search for "making google oauth work with cordova apps" to find help with this issue.

p.s. We do not keep copies of your apps, as a company policy, because that source is your property. We will use the source you provide to resolve product issues, but then it is removed when it is no longer needed.

Hi Paul,

I am just uploading data from listview to server. //After selection of first page listview its going to another page (List view with checkbox), Now there are many lists with check box ,so I just want to select few of them and upload that selected list to server using rest api.


Hi Paul,

I need one more help.. please..

I am following  this link "" for google login ,I have change my credentials but again and again its opening nginx page while it should go to home page .Please help how can I enter in my project after google login.

Please see my previous comment > < you probably need to simplify your app so there is only ONE html file called index.html. If that doesn't help, I recommend you file an issue with the author of that code to get additional help. Notice that his example is a single index.html file, he is NOT using multiple html files. Working with multiple html files within a Cordova app is difficult. See this Cordova doc page >

Hi Paul,

Can we get current location in our hybrid app and send it to server ??

Basically i want to use geofencing in my app. As of by using script am able to get current Lat Long but its coming on emulator only.

Whenever am installing in mob and trying to get location  ,one notification is coming screen overlay detected.


If the user of your app has given permission to allow your app to retrieve position, you can get it from the device. There are geolocation calls built into Cordova (native on newer versions of Cordova, via a plugin on older versions). There are also background geolocation services that can be utilized (as plugins). Try this search to get started > <

Hi Thanks,

I am getting the lat long in Nougat version but am installing in below Marshmello its not coming . Please suggest some changes .

Can we do Geofencing in hybrid ,where I want to get enter and exit time automatic ,once we come inside the Geofencing are or go out of that.


Please help..

I recommend you investigate the "background" geolocation services plugin that is included in the search list I already provided. The native geo services should work on all versions of Android. If they are not working, you'll have to do some debugging and search places like the Cordova tag in StackOverflow for questions from others who have experienced the same issue.


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