Apply Background style to each page in intel xdk

Apply Background style to each page in intel xdk

I need help with intel xdk , How can I apply different Background style for each page. For now,when I select one background Style to specific page, It automatically applies to every other page.

P.S, I am developing an app in Design mode.


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The App Designer component that you are using has been retired. We are no longer supporting it. I recommend you use a standard HTML5 framework for your UI layout. Please see the release notes for additional information and this forum thread.

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Hi BlueYeti,

In the page you want a different background, section STYLES, drop down Backgound option and select New....

Give any name to the style. This will add this new style to Active Styles list, the changes on it will apply to current page. Remove the other background style clicking x on its name in Active Styles if needed.

In other pages you can apply the same style just selecting it from the list to add to active styles.

This is just one of the great features of the DEPRECATED App Designer.




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