I have an idea..

I have an idea..

As i am very new to IoT my first look allowed me to think this way.

1)As it runs Linux applications i was thinking that in anyway we can Integrate Realsense 3D capabilty to it.Say the application is hosted in Cloud and accessing the Galileo Board from the WiFi as it has got WiFi Capability.The applications can be of Unity(as i have a little knowledge of it) and then use the Intel SDK to access the app stream it to Galileo Board and control objects with hand detection.

2)We can also simulate certain scenarios using a language say C++.The very important A* algo can be applied to the Galileo Board and can controls robots to take the path finding algo to full effect.

3)As i am fan of Creative Coding we can use Processing Language to generate a very funny pattern of say Digitized  art.


As this Technology Grows it will allow others to explore and experiment and i am overjoyed with it so this is my little idea that i had in my mind and would like to implement.

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Avery good idear lets try it nd see wheter it xan support such graphics other intel procesors do i know also about procesing programming language and have used it for alittle while we can make alibrary and try to inclde it in the project also using c++ we hould try to reach the hardware like sensors etc and see how it works i liked the racing cars its really cool can someone help me build one please

Processing is a very good Creative Coding and it can easily be used  with RealSense as well as i guess with Galileo boards.Although i don't have a Galileo board right now i am gathering information about it.Thanks for posting.

> i liked the racing cars its really cool can someone help me build one please

I am writing an article on that, will publish at IDZ in few weeks.


RealSense impelmentation is a bit too resource demanding to fit Quark@400Mhz unfortunately (IMHO).

The RealSense camera needs a USB 3.0 connection. The Edison (and galileo?) has a USB 2.0 interface, so it won't be easy to interface.

On the other hand, the structure sensor only needs a USB 2.0 connection...

Awesome Idea sir,I have been using processing for creating game POC's.It would be a right candidate but putting all this into one good shape will be a challenge.

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