POE with Galileo?

POE with Galileo?

I've been playing with a Galileo at work - and have setup an internal server.  I'm connecting to the that internal server IP address via my softphone's ethernet cable - which I believe uses Power Over Ethernet.  

I've notice the Galileo board gets quite hot - I only have a basic Temp/Baro sensor plugged in.  Seems weird to that it gets so hot.  Any high level possibilities on this one?



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There is a temp sensor within the Quark chip that you can access as well. If you are using the Arduino IDE you can download the examples here https://communities.intel.com/docs/DOC-22272. That will let you compare the internal and external sensors.   

What temperature are you seeing?

cat /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp

Removing a few zeros and you get the quark temperature (Celsius). The board does run quite warm but is normal.
Upgrading to the latest board firmware can help a bit with the temperature.

Hi Stewart and Tom!

On one device, I'm seeing a temperature of 86C - the other two devices are more like 71C and 68C. 

Upon further inspection - I found that I was powering the Hot Galileo with an after market power supply - with an output rating of 9V@650mA.  When I compare that to the supplied power supply (5V@2.0A) - I think that might be the difference.

Changing out the aftermarket power supply with the supplied power supply - I'm at 71C.  I think that may have solved that little mystery.

Thanks again,


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