HEllo developers - sustainablilty question

HEllo developers - sustainablilty question

Hello everyone.

I am not a developer, I am a PCB designer at Intel in HF, but I have a need for advice in this area.

I am working on a "Sustainability in Action" Grant proposal and I have been wondering if there is IoT potential in a greenhouse?

I would love to incorporate Intel technology into my proposal, but I'm not sure what is possible (and I have less than thirty days to submit, so I don't feel I have the time to self-teach the skills I feel I would need).

Using the cloud and environment sensors in a greenhouse, a system could stream data of the readings from the greenhouse and then interface with controller unit to automate the climate control system (or something even more spectacular). I know simple systems already exist for something similar (thermostat connected to a controller unit), but I am wondering how this could be brought into the area of IoT.

Another approach would be wearables that help with gardening tasks or data delivery while walking through a greenhouse (based on location within the greenhouse). Or software/apps for educational purposes that help teach students or visitors to a research garden/greenhouse, more about the process that is being utilized or tested.

I am really looking at all possibilities in terms of bringing technology into a personal or commercial greenhouse.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much!

Adam Thorvaldson

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