IoT Developer Research

IoT Developer Research


My name is Kevin Schmidt and I'm a User Experience Research professional doing work with the Intel UX Research team. We are conducting face-to-face interviews with Developers working within the IoT space. We understand this could be developing close to the metal, for connectivity, for UI, for big data, or one of the many other aspects of this largely undefined and morphing space.

We're located in the Bay Area and are hoping to find developers here which will give us an hour or so of time to learn more about your development processes and some of the challenges you are facing. Of course for your time you will be paid a monetary incentive. If you don't live in the Bay Area we'd still be interested in speaking with you, and potentially through a video conference call.

This project is being conducted specifically for the Intel UX team, however all information which you provide will be kept strictly confidential, including your name and company name. We are not seeking to gain knowledge of your confidential or competitive practices.

If you are the right person to talk to, or you know of someone whom is, please have them contact me at




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I sent you an e-mail to the e-mail you published.

Hope it helps.


Gaston Hillar

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