Indonesian Maker : tutorial galileo using os wimdows

Indonesian Maker : tutorial galileo using os wimdows

Hi all,

To indonesian maker, i've found this usefull tutorial in bahasa how to setup Galileo with OS windows


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And this one is tutorial to coding using Visual Studio


This one is complete if book but you must buy it, here's the link


Hi Raghu,

Thanks for the link

Forget to mention that all tutorial I've shared is writen in Indonesian Language, so it's is very easy to get start developing


wow. i'm from Indonesian too. the tutorial is very easy to understand. thanks for sharing :)
i think the tittle is mistyped :p

Hi Toriq,

Yes, It's typo, I can find how to edit the title, anyway let do something wonderful IoT with Galileo/Edison, do you have project yet?


Thanks for your sharing :)

Aulia Faqih i still don't have an project with Galileo/Edison but i'm very interested in IoT :)

Hallo Mr. Aulia I from Indonesia, thanks for sharing :)

Hi All Makers From Indonesia,

First to say, I'm very surprised that many Indonesian maker active in the Intel Forum. great jobs guys

please share any problem or project that you've made, or we can make a new topic regarding to your issue or project




Hello Makers.

If here are located in Bandung please join IoT4Bandung on Meetup. We hold discussions an open and we also begin reset to Bandung. We all learn together and of course if you have technical problems concerning Arduino, Raspberry Pi Galileo and we are very open to help. Thanks


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