Porting Guide & Sample Project

Porting Guide & Sample Project

We provided an overview of various porting paths from iPhone to AppUp in the following document. http://appdeveloper.intel.com/en-us/article/iphone-netbook-porting-technical-guide Additionally in this article you will find code samples of a sample iPhone application we have ported to AppUp using C# We recommend reviewing this article to get familiar with effective codeing techniques for porting an application.
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One think i really dont understand is , that when apple has its own app center wich is indeed running with great efficiency what is the use of we programmers to bring new apps through this portal ..... moreover , people should be more inclined towards this app store to have a strike margin rise .


you probably won't be able to target netbook and tablet users of the Windows platform with the app store of Apple.

That's the reason why it is useful to port your apps to AppUp.

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