Conceptualizing your ported application on the Netbook platform

Conceptualizing your ported application on the Netbook platform

Now that you are ready to take advantage of the Netbook platform, you are likely considering how porting will impact your iPhone applications usability. An analysis of how your application is going to look and behave on the netbook platform ois an invaluable step that shouldn't be overlooked. You will discover key differences in the two platforms (iPhone & Netbook) which may change your porting plans for the better. Take advantage of the many benefits offered by this platform by leveraging an increased screen size and diverse hardware profile. Article: Conceptualizing your ported application on the Netbook platform
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maybe a side comment...but I think there are lost of applications where NETBOOKS are better and are WAY BETTER.
I do not believe Netbooks in some places are playing a catchup. For some uses they are just BETTER.
I think Intel should be SUPPORTING and promoting apps that UNIQUELY emphasize the ADVANTAGES of Netbooks(hence AppUp)
over the iPhone counterparts(AppStore). Not necessarily mindless porting efforts of everything.
I think we should look for those uses where AppUp Netbook space can be BETTER, where iPhone apps are just clumsy, unnatural and
inconvenient. On netbooks those apps will typically ROCK!


iPhone has an app called everyday-app that takes pictures of you every day and allows to build a movie.
We believe APhotoADay app in Intel AppUp uniquely shows off that NETBOOKS due to the inherent stability of the
positioning of the webcam and lack of typical for phone-like handheld devices hand shake movements,
is a much better application for this type of media use. Such product AMPLIFIES the use and SUPERIOR
usability of netbooks vs phones for this real world media application. iPhone everyday-app we believe CANNOT MATCH
APhotoADay in its usability, convenience and elegance that leverages the stable netbook webcam.

Simply put, some apps are just BETTER for netbooks than for iPhone :-)

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