Welcome to the iPhone to AppUp Porting Program

Welcome to the iPhone to AppUp Porting Program

This forum was created to help invited members of our porting program get support, assistance and information needed to help them port their application to AppUp. You are welcome to make direct contact with your Intel contacts, however Intel will be documenting known issues, solutions, and progam notification in this forum thus you may find that general program questions, information and application support will be easily found here.
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I believe Intel should try to LEAD not FOLLOW. There are applications already in AppUp store that SHOWCASE that NETBOOKS are
more suitable for certain uses than the said iPhone. Intle should EMPHASIZE those applications

Intel should encourage people to INVENT new uses for netbooks not mindlessly try to port everything that exists on iPhone.


Not to toot my own horn but compare everyday-app for iPhone with our APhotADay for AppUp Netbooks/Laptops/PCs.


The other application that is already to be released by us in AppUp is The Cubicle Rear View Mirror for Corpo RATS! I BET iPhone is USELESS in those spaces!
Intel should PROMOTE AND EMPHASIZE those types of applications as the DIFFERENTIATING FACTORS, not trying to mimick iPhone apps.

You have a point, some apps do not port well to a different platform.

Lack of hardware, form factor and competition play a part. However, as mobile phones continue to become more powerful the differences between them and a primary computer blur considerably.

That said, there are heaps of apps on alternate platforms which port well. I admit, the idea of playing angry birds on multiple devices is reason enough to support the netbook/tablet platform porting effort. While porting a cell feature dependent app is not everyone's cup of tea, a derivative of said app on the netbook just might make life better for plenty of people.

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