New tool ?

New tool ?

Iphone porting is an exciting prospect and one I would love to get my developers involved in. I have readd some news this week concerning new developments with AppUp. The rumour - Intel is creating a tool that will make it easier for developers to convert iPhone applications to Intel-based smartphones, tablets and other devices, media outlets reported this week. PC World wrote that the tool “could provide a simple way to port applications to MeeGo” and “increase the number of applications available” on AppUp. "We'll get [applications on] AppUp, then MeeGo and I imagine Windows," Doug Fisher, VP of Intel’s Software and Services Group (SSG), told the publication. "It's basically taking the existing applications, finding the ones that are most relevant to end users and ensuring [that] they get pulled over." A blog by Download Squad questioned Intel’s conversion tactic. “Why such convoluted solutions are being worked on, I can only guess. Obviously Intel wants Atom-powered smartphones to take off in a big way, but why not simply push for more apps to be written in HTML5, CSS and JavaScript instead? That way every app would work on any phone or any computer.” Intel didn't say when the tool will be released. Does anyone here know of anymore details on this exciting new tool ? with thanks, Colin
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I hope this comes out!

Although I have no knowledge of the delivery date or capabilities, I am excited as well by this potential. If I hear anything related to it I will surely post it here.


The little I have heard is that said tool is a ways out for being production ready (next year sometime), and that the functional specs are not concrete yet. It does sound like a fantastic piece of work, I believe you will want to speak to Vincent about it for more details.

Brian, yes all very exciting,

It really could be a watershed moment in the AppUp story. The scope of apps being published in AppUp knows no boundaries with the proper time and effort. It does feel like the store just goes from strength to strength in all aspects.
Over here in EMEA the oncoming launch of the French and German language AppUp stores is gathering speed also.
Very much looking froward to next quarters meego introduction and a plethora of compatible new devices in 2011.

Exciting times..........


New tool which is to be launch by the developer should be develop with the thought of creating some development in the field of technology and research.This tool is about to launch in next year with some modification in the earlier tools present in the market.

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