Funding withdrawn

Funding withdrawn

I have been working on an iPhone porting project for a number of months and the offer of funding has been suddenly withdrawn. My contact at Intel UK has not acknowledged or responded to my recent emails. Is anyone else experiencing similar problems, particularly with the sudden withdrawal of funding? Disgraceful behaviour. What is going on? Contact me directly at if preferred. Tony
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Hi Tony,

I will check into this. Please watch for an e-mail from me.

Hal G.
Technical Support Team
Intel AppUp(SM) Developer Program
Intel AppUp(SM) center

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Hi Hal,

Thanks for the response. Between my posting and yours, I received a phone call from my UK contact. I have an apology for the abusive failure to contact me and a statement that he has "escalated the situation to the correct people".

On the other hand, when I asked for the specific names of the people dealing with the 'escalation' my contact fobbed me off and refused to answer the question. Apparently, the officers of the company can only operate with anonymity. I am not impressed!

You have emailed me directly, as promised, and your return address is 'SW.DEVELOPER.SUPPORT.REPLIES_AT_MAILBOX.INTEL.COM' and you describe yourself as 'Intel Customer Support – Software and Services, under contract to Intel'. I appreciate your response but I am not sure that you can actually do anything to help other than to highlight my postings. You have offered to 'check into this'; what did you find?

Best wishes,

@Tapmedia, I sent you a private message to contact me. I'd like to learn more about your issue

Hi Bob,

Thanks for the message. I will reply privately.

Tony Connolly

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