Support for Java Apps!

Support for Java Apps!

Hi, I am a Java Developer and have developed few apps on JAVA. I have few queris: I am not able to find SDK's for JAVA in the App Developer Program I am not sure if wrappers will do the same job as SDK would I would like to be a part of this App Up, so wanted to know if at all I will get any support on the same. Regards, JD.
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Currently there is not Java SDK available on our program, it will be introduced to the program in the future. At this moment I do not have any information on when this will become available. It best to keep an eye on this link for more information on SDK releases:

While waiting for the SDK to become available, you may wish to wrapper to be able to start developing your java applications. Please refer to this link for more information:

Other components are available on the developer catalog:


Intel Technical Support
Intel AppUp(SM) Developer Program
Intel AppUp(SM) Center

DG Rooven

Alternatively, you may create your own Java wrapper for the AppUp SDK. While not supported by Intel (rather supported by this great community), so long as your submission passed the Validation Requirements you will be able to get it into the AppUp store.

Validation Requirements:

Hi Rooven,

Thanks a lot for Bakno Games Link. But it is only for paid app on a revenue sharing basis. Is there any wrappers for free app.

Hi Java DEV:

Please visit this link to apply for a BakNo Wrapper for Java:

Thanks for your interest in AppUp.


Hi, Thanks for the info.

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