Did anybody (from the Winners' List) receive any feedback from the judges? I emailed Lowry asking what's going on -- I never got an answer ...

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So I finally got
(10 mins ago) the so-called (4 lines!!!) feedback. One line says: Basically incomprehensible. I couldn't figure out how to
even move a piece on the chessboard.

Well, Mr.
gENIUS, as any toddler knows, there are 2 (TWO!!!) possibilities (not to
mention that everything is clearly explained in the Abstract and Tutorial:
left-click and left-click OR left-click and right-click. If you couldnt figure
that out then no McDonalds will ever hire you to flip the burger; who hired you
as an expert at Intel is beyond me

Dude you are a bit too harsh, they did check a lot of games.

I got mine with mixedreviews,wonder who said what ?

Tell me what you think of the game!

Gamename: Solar Conflict

Feedback from Judging Panel:

Nice explosions. Nice retro feel.

This retro game was a lot of fun! The AI might be a bit too tough for the tutorial. I'll play this one again. No sound, alas, or it would have scored better.

This is a rough little compilation of a few hit products. As an idea it is more fleshed than as a demo. But it is a good idea.

Controls are wonky, key layout isn't friendly, ships are too slow and lumbering for dodging to work. Everything meaningful and difficult about a game like this remains to be done.

yeah man, your stuff is OK (but hey, explosions with no
sound?!), although far from being original. But BilliChess is not only 100%
original, but also the smartest* game in the history of video games. For a
judge that was supposed to read the Abstract and check the Tutorial on
YouTube (the link for the Tutorial was provided in the Abstract) to say "Basically incomprehensible. I
couldn't figure out how to even move a piece on the chessboard." is
absolutely unacceptable. Many people played BilliChess (the MP version is up and
running) and nobody complained but that expert

Chess is the game of Kings and Queens, widely considered the most intelligent
game. A game of chess with an (intelligent) extra-challenge cant but be the
smartest game in the history of video games. Why did BilliChess deserve that
comment from that expert is beyond me

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