Where to submit Netbook game demo

Where to submit Netbook game demo

1. We don't have any info about where to submit the demos.

2. I think all the demo (including Netbook) will be submitted to same place, and validation for Netbook AppStore is a separate process. If this is not the case I suggest it due to many complexities involved:
*Since the Netbook demo is using the AppUp SDK, judges will be able to run it using debug GUID when the SDK is installed. If actual GUID is used the game can only be judged after being validated and published.
That means submission to judges & AppUp Store should be different.
* the validation can fail due to some mistakes (and the reworked submission can't be considered for contest).
* the word 'Free' or 'Demo' will be included with game name which will make the GUID different.
* Once it gets validated it will be available for download, and due to deadline the entry might not be high quality to solve the purpose of public demo. Can we write something to say its not the final public demo and its an entry for contest, something like"Demo Entry for LevelUp 2010, final demo coming soon"
* Once a demo submitted to AppUp Store we won't be able to submit it again until it gets validated. This is my case I am submitting a demo to AppStore earlier, and I want to submit the entry demo on deadline, but I might not be able to submit the entry to the AppUp Store on the same time (due to mentioned reason). The question is: will validation be considered if done earlier or later to deadline or with different version?
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Excellent question.
Actually I don't feel comfortable in delivering a not fully bug-free and polished version of my demo to the AppUp Store. Wouldn't it be possible to just submit a standard executable?

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