Problem with the contest end date.

Problem with the contest end date.

As a result of the delay in processing the entries, we now have less time to work on the project.
The time between finalist announcement and contest end is less then the rules stated it would be, and for students its getting worse still. We had intended to leverage a possible finalist position to attract artists to our game's cause. However because of this delay we now have much less time to do so, directly affecting our chances at the competition as a result of Intel's handling of the matter.
First off it would be nice if all the finalists are finally posted on the website, and second off I think we deserve a bit more time for the aforementioned reasons.

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Judges have taken lot of time, but must say they have done good work.
Now it's our turn to do good work, which obviously require more time.
Intel must give us at least one extra week,as a reward of looking to the forum everyday without complaining.
It will be beneficial to Intel also, as all the demos will be of higher quality.
Lets vote here how many of the finalist want extra time.
One vote mine.

Another vote mine. Extra time would be of great help, even if its just a week.

I agree with the OP.

Hey, have you guys considered directly contacting one of the Intel reps on the board? It doesn't seem like this board is really checked/updated as much these days. I think Ms. Kelly Lowry was one of the posters from Intel, I don't know if it's possible to send her a PM/email or something about this topic. Sooner rather than later would probably be best to voice your concerns.

It is possible to send a PM. Why don't you guys, try that ?

Thanks for your patience. I know that the finalists are madly working to complete their executables and game documents. We are considering an adjustment to the new due date for the executables. This date is currently set for October 1, 2010, but we are awaiting legal confirmation if we can stretch it to October 10 which will allow a longer period for game creation than in the original terms of the game.

You can see a list of the finalists in the professional category at Student finalists will be posted by September 14th and will have a due date of October 31, 2010.

I notice that you wrote that "Student finalists will be announced once confirmations have been received from the prospective finalists (September 14, 2010)"

Considering that you originally slated 7 days in between the notification of Professional/Hobbyist finalists and the posting of their results, does this mean that student finalists have already been contacted as of September 7?

does this mean that student finalists have already been contacted as of September 7?

Well, I've yet to recieve an email (even if you aren't a finalist I assume you get a notification email), and I haven't seen any other student entrants who have, so I suppose not? Then again, I entered right at the deadline, so my entries might not be qualified anyways.

I still haven't got an email .... did anyone received one yet?!

Not I.

(I'm a student, by the way.)

Legal dept. please hurry, confirm us due date (for professional submission).

I just got my notification for the student contest. I imagine the list of finalists will be up in a few hours.

You can see a complete list of the confirmed finalists for both categories. Due dates have been extended for the finalists - October 10, 2010 for the professionals and November 5, 2010 for the students. Professional finalists will all be receiving a mail today with the extension dates.

Sweet, got my emails, both my ideas are finalists! Guess I'm gonna have a busy next few weeks.

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