Finalist List

Finalist List

Will we get to see the list of finalists soon? The FAQ said they'd be contacted by July 11, and I'm curious to see what ideas will get demos. :)

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The official rules state that they will announce it today on the contest site. I'm very curious as well.

I was expecting a mail, Didn't get it. They say, finalists, will be notified, by mail. I wish, they had lied about it.

Still, if finalists' concepts are better than mine, I will only be happy to be eliminated. :D. After a skim through

"All Entres"...I'm curious, to know judges picks.:)

We are in the process of notifying finalists today via email.Every person who has submitted an idea will receive an email with the status of the entry. Given the number of entries we received into the contest this year, this process may extend into tomorrow.

The finalists will all be posted on the site by the end of the week. We are having an issue with our "All Entries" page to allow the viewing of entries. Our development team is working to fix this and create the page showing the finalists.

Thanks for your patience!

So basically we are supposed to receive a email from you today ?cheers

Still nothing.......curiosity builds....

it might not be that hard at least to put some list on internet ? MAybe the judge haven't made their choice yet. It would be cool to know if we are out of the competition or not.

I still haven't got a mail yet. Some information on where you are in the process of notifying each entry would be very much appreciated.

Exactly. That would be helpful.

Has anyone been notified? I sure hope they let us know by the end of the week.

Nope, none yet...for me. Hopefully it won't go beyond tomorrow.

They often delay the process a bit, but I am 100% sure they would notify everyone as stated above, so be patient guys. :)

this is not a bit, a week already passed and they didn't bother notifying.

The response to this year's contest was overwhelming! We are working daily on notifying all of the entrants. We don't want to post the finalists on the page until we have had a chance to notify them, so please be patient for another day or two.

For those that missed it, there was an update posted to the competition's Facebook page:
everyone! So sorry for the delay and silence on our end. We have been
absolutely swamped by the quantity and quality of submissions this year!
Were still working our way through the list and hope to have news of
who the finalists are in the next few weeks."

No problem we'll wait more. As everyone of us is looking here everyday, and will keep looking for next few weeks, I think Intel should extend the dates, both for announcing results as well as submitting the demo. The extended date for result announcement will make us free from looking here everyday. And extended date for demo submission will give us proper time to polish our demo, otherwise this will be very wrong if they announce result on 30th Aug and ask for demo on 31th Aug.Like others I gave multiple entries of which some are complete (even validated & published) but some are in early stage, and we'll need at least a month to complete and polish the selected one (IF ANY SELECTED).

Heres an interesting youtube movie on the subject:

I understand that there are a lot of projects in the competition by this isn't the first year they had a levelup contest. At this rate we won't even have a month to finish our demos and I don't know about you guys but I do have other things to take care of so it wouldn't hurt to know if there's eve a point to making a demo.

I'm really disappointed by how this is progressing, at least give us some feedback once in a while instead of outright ignoring us.

Perhaps next year, Intel should skip the concept portion of the contest. Ideas are free and a dime a dozen, but a working product takes time and dedication to assemble. The number of entries would be cut significantly if the rules stated that all submissions must be playable games.

I'm not sure I agree here, I'm all for a demo contest but it might be a good ideea to allow just people with at least a game concept to show, not just a couple of lines and a photo. And contestants should be allowed to put videos and html code not just plain text.

Perhaps I should clarify my position a bit. The purpose of the contest is to show off what you can do with Intel's technology. A concept can't do that; a demo can. By skipping the concept portion of the contest, The judges will have fewer entries to sort through, and they will be able to more accurately determine which submissions best represent Intel. As it stands, the contest organizers have stated that they are overwhelmed with entries. I have to wonder how many of the concepts submitted were done so by individuals or teams that are incapable of following through with their designs.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see if next year they change things. For now let's just hope they pick the finalists by the end of july.

Sorry to say, but I'm very disappointed to hear this. But, I'm sure, that intel is considering to change the demo submission date, also(atleast, I hope so). But, it would be a big help, if you provide us, with an accurate date, rather than, saying like, "few weeks, or 2 weeks". Also, it will be helpful to update us more constantly, than, the way, you're doing now(I mean, on facebook and Twitter).

Still, Good Luck, to all contestants... :D

Still no update ?

Nope, still nothing.

Again....It would be very helpful, to see a specific date, so that, we don't have to come and check everyday..

This was posted yesterday on thecontest's Facebook page:

Intel Level Up: Game Demo Development Competition Hey everyone, we're still working through the submissions, so sorry for the delay. :(

Still not done?
Intel had this contest last year, how can it take them so long to choose finalists? It's the middle of August, as a participant there isn't enough time for me to finish my entry. Does anyone care? Can't they be bothered to post on the formus as well as facebook, after all a lot of contestants are watching this thread.

We do apologize for not posting the update to the forums as well. We have more than 10 times the entries this year as we did last year and are working to get through the entries. We are targeting Monday for the final notifications. We also will be adjusting the dates that demos will be due so finalists will have the same amount of time available to create their demos. We will be posting the new schedule as well as the finalists names.

We will be adding addtional judges to next year's contest to help with the preliminary judging so this doesn't happen again.

Thanks to all for your continued patience.

Hi,I was just wondering if you still have delay. Let us know because if you start being for a month we might run out of patience. The problem itself is not the delay is more the silence which is quite annoying. We had to submit our game on time and you guys should deliver on time.

^^ Word ...................

Great news! The finalists have been selected and will be notified by tomorrow. The many emails to everyone will start being disbursed this evening. The new deadlines will be sent to finalists in the emails and posted on the site by Friday. Thanks for your patience!

So good to hear that . :)

"We will be adding addtional judges to next year's contest to help with the preliminary judging so this doesn't happen again."

I guess that means we're not all being judged by the same people. I'm kinda curious as to how the selection process works now.

Hopefully this will clarify. We didn't anticipate the overwhelming response to the contest and had engaged a small number of judges to review this year's initial entries. These judges review each entry within the categories separately, make their selections then confer together to determine the finalists. Given the number of entries we received, the number of judges should have been expanded to judge the initial entries.After we realized that the judging would take longer than anticipated we opted to extend the selection period rather thanbring in additional judges because we did want everyone to beselectedwith the same individuals.For next year's contest we will increase the number of judges that do the initial entry so that we don't experience the delays we have experienced this year. We based the judging on last year's timing and it was not adequate to allow them to assess the vastly increased number of entries.

As with last year, the finalists will be judged by a large panel of judges, well known in the gaming industry. We have engaged more judges for this year's finalist judging than we did last year to ensure that our judging would be completed in a timely fashion.

I didn't get any notification ? Should I be worried ?

Kelly Lowry's post said: "The finalists... will be notified by tomorrow". Since she didn't say anything about notifying the non-finalists (and presumably we'll know one way or the other by Friday, when it's all posted publicly), I'm guessing that they're not sending emails to those who didn't make the cut.

That said, it's only a guess, since I haven't gotten an email, either. ;) Perhaps Kelly or one of the possibly-contacted finalists could confirm this for us?

IS anybody receive their notification ? I guess I'm not selected either

Ok..neither did I get, any notification... But, if anyone was selected. They could've probably made something like, celebration...Guess there's still hope. :D

I didn't get one either, guess we're all out of luck. But even so, I'm still curious to see what the finalists create. I sure hope Tim Schafer will be a judge next year :D

Neither have I, I guess they havent sent them yet.

Since its not listed here, yet.... I guess, no one received any notifications.

All professional entrants have been notified! Congratulations to our finalists in the categories of Best Game for a Desktop, Best Game for a Laptop, and Best Game for a Netbook!! The full listing will appear on the site on August 28th after the finalists have all accepted the challenge.

For all entrants, we hope that you continue your game creation process and pursue publication of your game idea. We also strongly encourage you to check out opportunities to develop your game in a Netbook format. We have a variety of resources available to you at

Students - stay tuned! Your notifications are now on their way!

Finally received a notification. Bad news for me, but never mind. Looking forward, to see the selected entries. :D

Ive got the
good news. Will anybody help me with the demo? Youll add Intel and a winning
game to your Resume/Portfolio. Let me know.



@creatip Yeah, we all just love working for free :D
You'd best get to programing 'cause I don't think anybody is interested

This is why Intel should bypass the concept stage of their contest next year. Ideas are free, and easy to come by - hence, the 800+ entries the poor judges had to slog through! I wonder how many other finalists are in Dan's position, begging total strangers on the Internet to do the heavy lifting on their demo?By the way, Dan, way to tip your hand, buddy! Who's to say some unscrupulous competitor won't immediately begin flooding your inbox with sincere-sounding bids to help program your game? Should you be foolish enough to accept one of those bogus offers, then you'd be likely to expect delay after delay after delay, until your chances of submitting a winning demo had dwindled to zero.

I never said I'm looking for free work. The details have been worked out already. The demo will be up and running by Sept. 15

Hi, did anyone receive already a notification in the student category? Are they out yet?

Nothing here yet...


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